The underlying theme of my current series of work is human interaction and its subtle connections
to our everyday lives. My goal as an artist is to encourage viewers to ask themselves questions
such as, "What's going on here?," "Who are these people and where are they going?," "What are
the relationships between the figures in the painting and what they might be thinking?." To evoke
the viewer's response, I incorporate a rich color palette. Contemporary elements such as cell
phones and modern fashions bring these timeless themes into today's world. The paint application
is clean, even minimal in busy, complex compositions. The paintings capture a fleeting moment
which the viewer has witnessed.

I paint in a representational style with the paint application executed in a controlled but painterly
fashion. This technique conveys depth and movement throughout the composition. I use a
traditional approach where paint is applied in thin, soft layers of color onto a white ground canvas
to maintain luminosity throughout the process.