Welcome New Members!

How This Project Works

Step 1
Each artist works independently. Requests may be solicited through word of mouth (family, friends,
acquaintances etc.), sending out press releases, advertising your offer to do portraits on social media and
bulletins posted on your Nextdoor neighborhood app. When posting your memorial portraits on sites
besides our Facebook group page, I encourage you to incorporate the Faces Not Numbers® banner and
link (facebook.com/groups/160342598896002) as part of your post. This will create interest in joining our
group. You may use it as a hashtag as well.

Ex.  Instagram post-
{photo of one of my portraits}
I am offering families memorial portraits at no charge of loved ones lost to Covid-19. My intention is to
bring awareness to the severity of this growing health crisis and its toll on families. If you or someone you
know has lost a loved one, please PM for details.

Step 2

When you receive a request
(see attached Request Response Letter)

Step 3
The portrait
I am an oil painter, so mine are 9” x 12” oils on stretched canvas. You may use a medium of your choice.

Step 4
Contact the person who requested the portrait to let them know it is ready for pick-up.
(see attached Pick-up Instructions)

A couple of additional thoughts-
Most of the photos I receive are workable and even without sophisticated programs, most can be edited in
something as simple as your computer’s photo reader. After editing, I put them on a flash drive and work
from them on a monitor in my studio. I have done over 30 portraits since I began the project in Oct. 2020
and have only had to ask one client to send a better photo.

Permission to use portraits on social media in order to raise public awareness
I’ve not encountered any refusals, but do ask just to be sure.

If a client is not in my immediate area, I do ask that they cover the standard $15 USPS shipping charges. (I
charge an additional $5 for handling) The post office provides free mailing boxes. (these accommodate my
9” x 12” canvases nicely)

Some people have asked about donations. I have asked that they make a contribution to their local food
bank. (another area impacted by the pandemic)

Group Facebook Page
Once you begin receiving portrait requests, this page is a great vehicle to post your memorial portraits on,
as well as memorial portraits in progress. It is also a forum for members to exchange ideas. Please review
the Rules for the site as well as our Mission Statement. Thanks for joining and please don’t hesitate to
contact me if you need help with any help along the way. I can say, for me, this has been one of the most
rewarding periods of my entire career. Especially during this difficult time of isolation, it has given my work

Thanks and Good Luck!,

Margaret Hyatt Bayalis
421 46th Ave. So.
St. Petersburg, FL 33705
Email: margaret@bayalistudio.com